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The transatlantic slave trade

Here are some YouTube videos worth studying as part of your exam preparation on the subject:

On the middle passage, punishment, resistance :

Position of the Kingdom of Benin on slave trade:
The Kingdom of Benin kings did not believe in maltreating other humans beings thus their attitude to capturing of their fellow human beings and selling them off for cheap profit, they showed little interest in the slave trade throughout  its  duration.

Watch this video,  though the kingdom is confused with Dahomey, most of the contents refer to the Great Kingdom of Benin,:

We know from all records and accounts that the Kings of Benin resisted the Europeans and their fine promises right up to the end of the Kingdom in 1897. They wanted nothing to do with them which involved selling out on their people.

Key questions to explore:  

BBC Bitesize:
1)   What moral compass should we use to guide our actions, principles or profit? Use the videos as source evidence to support your position citing pro and con evidence.

2)  If you had been an African king in those slavery days and with material promises from European traders for yourself and your kingdom, what would you have done?   

3)  Using source evidence from these videos, do you agree or disagree with this statement: Rich industrious African countries had no need to engage in the slave trade.

4)  What was it about the Great Kingdom of Benin kings that made them not want to take part in such degrading treatment of fellow human beings for profits? We know from all accounts that they did not believe in surviving at the expensive of fellow human beings. The slaves they kept were domestic and with rights and were nothing like the dehumanised chattel slaves of the transatlantic Slave trade.

5)  In your opinion, who was most responsible for the transatlantic slave trade?

6) In your opinion, should Britain pay compensation to African countries for the consequences of the slave trade?
 Further research:

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